Chap-Yt bvba provides an environmentally conscious recycling of valuable resources!


In 2013, the company Chap-Yt bvba has taken over the demolition works from Emlyn NV. Emlyn was focusing for 10 years already on the demolition of small to medium sized buildings and on interior demolition. More Info click here.

Recycling of
cellular concrete

For five years already [beter: Since 2010] we are doing research in our company on the recycling possibilities of cellular concrete rubble. In 2011 Chap-Yt bvba received a license to handle 50.000 tons of cellular concrete per year and we started to collect cellular concrete debris from demolitions and from sorting installations.  More info click here.

Stabilized soil mixing plant

Since 2013, Chap-Yt is supplier of screed and stabilized sand mixtures, ready for use, for all kinds of applications. More info click here.